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Where we come from

The trademark Yale dates back to Linus Yale jr. who

 Invented the pin-tumbler cylinder lock and took it to the batch production stage.

 Acquisition of the patents right to the Weston differential pulley block and the start
 of Yale hoist production.

 Yale designs the first spur geared hand chain hoist with incorporated Weston screw-and-disc
 type load brake. Today this design principle is used worldwide for almost all manual hoists.

 Start of hoist manufacture in Velbert with production of the world renowned Yale Pul-Lift®.
 This robust and reliable tool is sold until 1974 under the BKS brand. Until now more than
 one million Yale Pul-Lift® units have been built at the Velbert plant.
 Establishment of the Eaton GmbH, Velbert.

 Production and distribution of Yale hoisting equipment in Europe is taken over by
 Yale Industrial Products GmbH in Velbert, Germany with representations in various countries  
 and subsidiaries in the U.K, France and Austria. During the following years the product offering
 of Yale Industrial Products GmbH was enlarged.

 Renaming of Yale Industrial Products GmbH into Columbus McKinnon Industrial
 Products GmbH.
2013  New head office for Columbus McKinnon Industrial Products GmbH in Wuppertal.


Our continous development will be further explained here.